Friday, July 31, 2009

Your own Beer Summit!

That's right!...You too can have your very own Beer Summit just Like
the Pesident.

Just get someone you don't like or know and have a beer with them....
Then post your comments here on how well it went...or didn't.

Make sure to name the bar or restaurant you went to and what kind
of beer you both had. Plus how many beers it took until you became
best friends. : ) If you remember, tell us about what you talked about.

If you have photos on facebook or myspace post your link here
for others to see your new friend.

As president of my company I will be having my own Beer Summits
as I travel arount the country and world. Just my way of making the
world a better place to live in. Look for my comments.

Good Luck...and have a cold one for me.

Pete Beatty, President

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